This case for the Danish official travel guide, Visit Denmark, is focused on the branding, tale, and commercialization of the Danish Vikings. It aims to position Denmark as world leading within experience tourism, based on the telling of our ancestors. 
The children; the future true Vikings and target group, is the baseline for our communication. Through the “Visit The Vikings” game as our primary communication form, the children gain appetite for the life as a true Viking. Through qualitative research methods, we obtained relevant, rich information and insight on children’s behavior from their own perspective, within gaming and the associated social context to this topic such as values, opinions, emotions and general behavior of the individual and their role and relation to each other in a group.  
The game motivates them through the effort of collecting points, reach new levels, battle each other and by the identifiable relation through the characters as their avatar and mentor for becoming a true Viking. By this interaction, increasing knowledge and interest for the raw, utopic life of Vikings, “Visit The Vikings” offers a large range of real, practical events of both historical, but mostly adventure, interest in the Vikings’ country of origin. Here the children and their family can immerse into the world of Vikings, find their inner Viking and become true Vikings themselves in real life!

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