Mentors: Valkenberg & Janssen (CI)
The Coffee Virus is a café located in Amsterdam Noord. The first café opened it's doors in the summer of 2013 and here four years later it is time to expand and spread the virus. The café is placed central in the consumers everyday, among companies, entrepreneurs, creatives and freelancers from A-lab's co-working space and Science Park's Startup Village. It is right there the brand can make the difference for the costumer and create space for connections between these open-minded, curious and ambitious people. The Coffee Virus have the courage for innovative projects, just like it's guests who can indentify themeself with each other on this experimental level across the brand and the people behind The Coffee Virus. 
The vision for The Coffee Virus is to link the visitors, by connecting people with each other and create inspiring, positive and motivating settings for a good cooperation, innovative ideas and interesting conversation though the experience of a great brewed coffee and new interesting menus. There is always full of life in the café, with an atmosphere of curiosity where innovative and eksperimental ideas is flying though the air, behind the counter as by the tables.  

We are very ambitious. Actively we look to expand and spread our positive virus at other inspiring locations were, creatively, we adapt to our surrounding.
-Floris, CEO The Coffee Virus
Due to the new location, a development on the visual identity is required - without changing the present identity of the brand. The goal is therefor to spread the knowledge of The Coffee Virus at the new area, and at the same time extend the identity on for example the product-side so that the brand can grow continuously though future franchising. 
Creative strategy 
The Coffee Virus is not just about a good cup of coffee. It is an experience, which will bring you a smile to your lips after a meeting with the brand. The Coffee Virus is a connotation for positive vibes and an oasis suppling you with good energy and surplus of mental ressources. A colourfull joy in a sometimes hectic everyday.
To do so, the visual communication needs a more eye-cathing events around the café and it's products. As the target group, the focus will be on the eksperimental and playfull part of the brand which builds on the idea about the lab. The campaign will disseminate the knowledge about the new café location and needs to have potential on other places and locations where the limits for the visual communication is crucial.    
For the situation of the new location, we’ll need the extended target group to find the café, check it out and “spread the virus”. In order to do so, we created these sweet loyalty cards in form of an experiment to match the overall identity and idea.  

Based on the place research we'll need to think creatively to promote the new location and at the same time to evoke the emotional connotations of the brand.
Ballon action

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