This theatrical movie poster is composed from diverse behind the scene-stills, in a way that tells us the story and relation between the two main characters. And at the same time brings us a feeling of the atmosphere around the story. This poster is not a re-design due to the fact that it was produced before the movie went in theatres and therefor before the official poster was presented.

"About a pompous, aging alcoholic and a tourettes-inflicted ten-year-old boy who are forced to spend a week together at a high-end hotel. The only thing these two have in common is that they are both difficult to like. The hotel serves as their shared escape from the outside world and the problems it presents."
- IMDb

The Official Trailer
The official movie poster
Mentor: Paul Wilson, creative director at Yellow1 Work type: Solo - Duration: 4 workdays Project made at School of Visual Communication, DK
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